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Raf Simons autumn—winter 1998—99.

Raf Simons organised his elaborately orchestrated show, called ‘RADIOACTIVITY’ in the Moulin Rouge in Paris on Friday January 23rd 1998. 

The collection was inspired by: Kraftwerk, Laurie Anderson, Vanessa Beecroft, Ceremony the 80’s New Wave and Punk. The show was a continuous alternation of classic and trash.

Make-up and Hair: The head group of the models had dyed black hair and pale faces. The faces of the Kraftwerk part were made up in white, with bright red lips. Four spider-men appeared with a spider-web on their faces.

The silhouettes: Tight, strictly classical, shapes with influences of Punk, New Wave and historical costumes. The coats had a sharp form and shiny zippers. A group of female models appeared wearing slim classic jackets, bodysuits, tights and high heeled shoes and with shiny motorcycle helmets on their heads, all in black.

Colours : Black, Grey and red (Kraftwerk shirts).

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I kept seeing that palette meme going around, but wasn’t particularly fond of all the super-high-saturation or low-value ranges. For anyone that wants to try something a little different, here you go.

Have fun, everyone!

Now that I’m not scrambling for prints I’d like to doodle a bit and thank you guys at the same time so… my askbox is open for requests! I’ll mostly be picking ones that look fun to draw or with characters/fandoms I’m familiar with :^) Thanks for everything!

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Small useless doodles °□°